SweetNes Honey offers Bee-A-Keeper Tours

August 02 2020 – SweetNes Honey Apiaries & Beetique

Bee a keeperWe are a family owned and operated Texas honey farm and honeybee rescue. We take pride in providing you with local honey straight from our beehives, along with other bee-made products. Our passion for honeybees goes much further than harvesting honey. We strive to save the bees to ensure that they can continue to thrive.

Now offering Bee-A-Keeper Tours!

Have you ever wondered how honey is made? How honey bees work together inside their beehives? Or what exactly does a beekeeper do? Well now you can experience just that! SweetNes Honey Apiaries & Beetique offers ‘Bee-a-Keeper Tour’ where you can explore all things bees! From bees and beekeeping to honey and hive tools. We will show you in detail what we do! You will don a beekeeping suit, light a smoker and look inside of a active beehive at work. You are free to take all the pictures and silly selfies you like with the honeybees!

Our passion for bees goes much further than harvesting honey. We strive to save the bees and to bring awareness to people of all ages of the importance of our pollinators.

We now offer tours which can be booked on our website at www.sweetneshoney.com Don’t hesitate to contact us on our Honey Hotline at 832-303-1595 or hihoney@sweetneshoney.com

Look forward to seeing you and your family out soon.