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Welcome to SweetNes Honey Apiaries & Beetique. We are a family owned honey farm in Damon, Texas thanks for visiting our site. We started our business with the removals of honey bees growing our apiaries. We are so passionate for you to find a great removal company we have created a list of removal companies on our site for your use. Please mention our name when you speak to our professionals.

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Bee Removal Specialists

Danessa ' Nes' Yaschuk

Nes is a first generation Master beekeeper with nearly 10 years of beekeeping experience. She has performed many bee removals and swarm collections over the years, but prefers to focus on hive management & honey production. If available she still enjoys a good bee removal or swarm capture! She does NOT do home cut-outs or repairs. If you are needing those services, please refer to our list below.  

Brody Thompson

Brody Thompson is a first-generation beekeeper. He was mentored for years by a great man and now he remove bees with the help of his wife and kids. He relocates the bees, while educating people along the way.

Ed Veiseh (Cowboy Ed) - Ed's Bee Wrangling

Cowboy Ed grew up a navy brat and kept his first colony on honeybees on a dairy farm at the age of 12. He started doing cut-outs and swarm captures in 2014. He then went full-time with Ed’s Bee Wrangling in 2019.

Today, Ed sits on the board of directors for the Texas Association of Professional Bee Removers, while managing over 200 colonies on 23 farms.

Ed likes dogs, Lone Star beer, and anything jalapeno flavored.

Carlos Hernandez

Carlos has over 14 years of professional bee removal and bee re-location experience in the Houston and surrounding areas.

Dan Jones - Houston Bee Man Dan

With Bee Man Dan, you can rest assured that he will remove and relocate the bees safely, without the use of any harmful chemicals or pesticides.

Contact the Local Fort Bend Bee Keeper Association for advice and swarm removals in your area.
Visit website

Texas Association of Professional Bee Removers have a great site for finding other removers in the state.
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SweetNes Honey Apiaries & Beetique does not accept liability for any contract or removal with any recommendations of these private contractor bee hero’s.