Pollination / Tax Exempt

pollinationPollination is the most important role that honey bees fulfill for human kind. Without honey bees, we could not achieve the crop-yields that we do. Without honey bees, many foods that we have taken for granted and the seeds to produce these foods would not exist or would be very scarce — fruits, legumes, nuts, etc.

If you are small farmer or serious gardener who wishes to ensure a successful yield of produce or seed, we offer limited pollination services.

Please contact us directly for these services and we can buzz by for a review and quick estimate.

We offer services for bees to give land owners tax exempt in this great state of Texas. We will come by for a plan and assessment for your needs.

Please buzz us at: HiHoney@sweetneshoney.com or call our Honey Hot Line at 1.877.SWT-NES1